Dr Zot

I acquired my first vintage guitar as a teenager in 1971 and have been playing and collecting vintage guitars and ukuleles ever since. A long fascination with the history, artistry and tone of vintage instruments has become part of my approach to performing, teaching and sharing music, while also learning the skills to assess, repair and set up guitars and ukuleles to bring out the best in both instrument and player. I’m based in coastal Largs Bay, South Australia.

Vintage Inventory

My inventory of interesting, playable and collectible vintage guitars and ukuleles is regularly updated. Prices are reasonable, quoted in Australian dollars. I pack professionally and ship internationally to most places around the world. If you are looking for info and appraisal on an old guitar or ukulele, feel free to get in touch by email.  I can also consign items for sale on the ZoT website for a small fee which only applies if the item sells - please contact me for full details.